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Meat is one of the primary sources of protein for people and more than half of the world population consumes meat in some form or the other. It takes some effort to prepare the meat before you can actually cook it for the meal. One of the important things while preparing meat is chopping it, cleaning it, and getting it in the right shape. Indeed, the cleaver knife comes to the rescue by making the cuts easy because it can easily chop through bone as well. These knives are usually made of high-grade metals which gives them a lot of strength as well. If you are really fond of culinary delicacies and if you go crazy about new accessories in the kitchen then we are sure that you are going to love what we are going to tell you next. We have compiled a list of the ten best meat cleavers that are valued for the money. These are the best blades that you can have for yourself in the kitchen and some of them even come with knife sharpeners as well as storage covers. All these things ensure that your knife stays in good condition until eternity.

Best Buy Meat Cleaver Knife Reviews

We have covered different types of cleavers in this article which includes the cleavers meant for chopping the bone and the ones that are designed to cut through the connective tissue. We have also covered up some country-specific meat cleavers which really look amazing. Go ahead and check out all the 10 products that we have for you today and we assure you that you are going to fall in love with the meat cleavers on the list.  We have also covered up the buying guide for the meat cleavers so if you have the slightest confusion while choosing the knife, go ahead and refer to the buying guide which will help you in making the choice easy. Without wasting any more time, let us move on to the next section and check out some of the best-rated meat cleavers available in the market.

1. DALSTRONG Obliterator Meat Cleaver

DALSTRONG Obliterator Meat Cleaver

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The first one that we have on our list is from Dalstrong and it is one of the best meat cleavers that you fill find in the market. It is very durable and it comes with high carbon steel which is made to withstand high force impacts. It also looks really amazing which attracts a lot of people. The knife has been tested by experts in various stages of the manufacturing process and this ensures proper quality assurance for you. The manufacturer provides a custom-made acacia wood strand along with the knife and the handle is made of laminated pakkawood. This 9-inch cleaver really stands out from the crowd because of the high Rockwell hardness and the edge retention technology that is used here. If you are looking for something that is the best then you can go ahead and choose this meat cleaver without any doubt. You can also choose different sizes here as it is available in 4.5 inches, 7 inches, 8.5 inches, and 9 inches.

Things We Liked

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Engineered to perfection and it also has a satin finish which makes it look really attractive.
  • Made of high carbon 7cr17mov steel
  • Comes with a stand and a sheath

Things We Did Not Like

  • This is slightly expensive because of the high quality standards.

2. TUO Cutlery Vegetable Meat Cleaver Knife

TUO Cutlery Vegetable Meat Cleaver Knife

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If you are looking for a Chinese meat cleaver then have a look at this knife from Tuo Cutlery. This is available in 6 inches and 7 inches model. The blade of this knife is slightly curved which gives you an edge while you are using this for chopping as well. Apart from this, the handle has a very ergonomic design and it has exception durability as well. The handle is made of pakkawood which is polished to perfection. The blade itself is designed with high carbon German steel and it also has a full tang design which balances the weight. Overall, the meat cleaver is affordable and durable. It is perfect for the people who like a cleaver with the curved edge and a handle with a good grip.

Things We Liked

  • Made of high carbon German steel which gives a lot of strength to the knife.
  • The handle looks really amazing because of the finish and polish.
  • Has a full-tang design which aligns the centre of mass very well.
  • The blade is stain resistant.

Things We Did Not Like

  • Nothing that we could notice

3. Aroma House Meat Cleaver

Aroma House Meat Cleaver

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At number 3, we have a model from Aroma House and this meat cleaver is also designed with high quality German steel. The knife features a 7 inch design which can be used for cutting, slicing, chopping and deboning. You can also use this to cleave light bones, coconut and every kind of meat. All this makes it a durable and versatile knife. The ergonomic handle ensures that it doesn’t slip at all which you are working with it. Elements like chromium, molybdenum and vanadium are added to the steel to enhance the strength of the knife. The knife comes in a really attractive magnetic box which also makes it an ideal give for family and friends. Lastly, the knife is also quite affordable which makes it one of the most preferred choices for the people. The wide blade with rust resistant capabilities, when coupled with a Rockwell hardness of 56, makes this a perfect accessory in the kitchen.

Things We Liked

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Has an edge of 17 degrees and it is mirror polished.
  • A multi-functional model which can be used for many tasks apart from just cutting meat.
  • It is wear resistant and FDA certified as well.

Things We Did Not Like

  • No option for 9 inch meat cleaver

4. Utopia Kitchen 7 Inches Cleaver Knife

Utopia Kitchen 7 Inches Cleaver Knife

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If you are looking for a meat cleaver that can be used in your home kitchen or in a restaurant then you can certainly opt for this meat cleaver from Utopia Kitchen. This knife is made of 100% stainless steel and it is a 7 inch model which cuts through anything easily. It can easily be used for chopping, cutting the bones and even for cleaving. This cleaver is particularly for the people who do not like the wooden handle as the material used here to make the handle is ABS +430. The grip lasts really long and the edge doesn’t fade away either. The knife is tough enough to deal with day to day task in a commercial kitchen and this surely assures us of the quality of the knife. The knife is also very easy to clean as you can choose to hand wash it or you can simply toss it in your dishwasher.

Things We Liked

  • The knife is designed with 100% stainless steel that gives a lot of strength to the knife.
  • The handle of made of ABS material.
  • Dishwasher safe knife which is quite easy to clean as well.
  • One of the most affordable meat cleaver

Things We Did Not Like

  • Some people complain about the quality.

5. Sky Light Cleaver Knife, 7 Inch Butchers Knife

Sky Light Cleaver Knife

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If you are looking for something in mid-range that comes with a good warranty policy then have a look at this meat cleaver at number 5 which is manufactured by Sky Light. This is a classic 7 inch cleaver which can take care of tasks like cleaving, chopping, dicing, mincing and even slicing. The knife has a 17 degree angle per side and it is hand polished to maintain the quality of the knife. The edge is ultra-sharp and the material used to make the knife is German steel. The hardness on the Rockwell scale is 58 which also makes it resistant to wear and tear. The knife is also scratch resistant and rust resistant. Talking about the handle of this meat cleaver, the handle is designed with a polymer which not only offers a good grip but it is also easy to clean.

Things We Liked

  • 7 inch ultra sharp cleaver knife that is made of German Steel.
  • The knife is rust resistant, stain resistant and it doesn’t wear out easily.
  • The handle of the knife is made of military grade polymer.
  • The full tang design ensures that the knife is well balanced.

Things We Did Not Like

  • Nothing that we could notice.

6. Juvale Meat Cleaver Heavy Duty

Juvale Meat Cleaver Heavy Duty

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If you are looking for something that looks traditional and raw then have a look at this knife from Juvale. This knife is made of stainless steel and it is tough enough to deal with meat and bones. The cleaver has a triple-riveted solid wood handle which offers the optimal control to the user. The knife can be washed in the dishwasher and we assure you that the dishwasher would not damage the knife in any way. Apart from this, the size of the blade of this knife is 8 inches while the size of the handle is 6 inches. This ensures that you are able to swing the knife properly. Overall, the knife is durable and it is worth the investment because of the various factors like sharpness, material quality and the hardness of the material which is really unmatchable.

Things What We Liked

  • Easy to clean as it can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Has a good 6 inch handle which is made of solid wood.
  • The weight balance is also good which ensures that you are able to swing the cleaver without any wrist fatigue.
  • It is an affordable option available in the market.

Things Which We Did Not Like

  • Nothing as such.

7. Winco Heavy Duty Chinese Cleaver

Winco Heavy Duty Chinese Cleaver

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If you are looking for a basic meat cleaver and if you are not really happy with what you have seen until now then have a look at this meat cleaver from Winco. This is one of the most affordable and the most basic knife that you will find in the market. The material used to make the knife is stainless steel and it is corrosion resistant. Apart from this, the knife has a wooden handle with 3 rivets. Talking about the dimensions of the blade, the blade is 8 inches long and the height of the blade is 3.5 inches. Apart from this, the length of the handle is 5 inches which give you good control over the swing. You can wash this meat cleaver in any dishwasher and you can also choose to handwash it.

Things We Liked

  • This meat cleaver is made of stainless steel which makes it one of the best choices for you.
  • The blade has a measurement of 8 inches which is a good length.
  • The handle is made of wood and it measures 5 inches which give you good control
  • This meat cleaver is dishwasher safe.

Things we did not like

  • Some people complain about the quality.

8. Farberware Cleaver Knife

Farberware Cleaver Knife

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A lot of people would actually prefer the meat cleavers that comes with the sheath. If you are also looking for a similar product then you can check out this meat cleaver from Farberware. This comes with a reliable sheath which not only stores the knife but it also sharpens the knife which each use. This knife really ends your worry about the dull edge. The material used to manufacture the blade is high carbon steel and because of this, the blade inherits sharpness, strength and durability. The blade is also rust resistant and the grip is quite comfortable. It has an ergonomic design and even after continuous use, you do not experience any fatigue. You can certainly consider this knife if you often find yourself sharpening the knife after every use.

Things we liked

  • This meat cleaver comes with a sheath that has a built-in mechanism to sharpen the knife.
  • It is quite an affordable meat cleaver and you can consider it for commercial establishments as well.
  • The blade is designed with high carbon steel.
  • Has an ergonomic grip which doesn’t slip out of hand.

Things we did not like

  • Can’t be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Some people complain about the sheath and the self-sharpening tool.

9. Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife

Zelite Infinity Cleaver Knife

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At number 9. We have a 7 inch cleaver knife from Zelite and if you are looking for something that is premium then you can certainly choose this knife. This meat cleaver can be used for various things like deboning, cutting, cleaving, slicing and chopping. You can use this knife with vegetables, meat, coconut and even light bones. The German steel ensures that the knife lasts long because of the hardness of 56 at the Rockwell scale. Apart from this, the knife looks good because of the premium grip integrated into the design. The handle is black and it is designed in a way that you can hold it comfortably while getting the perfect front balance. This meat cleaver has a mirror-like finish which makes it look attractive. The knife is overall easy to clean and it makes a good companion in the kitchen. You can choose this if you are looking for something very premium.

Things We Liked

  • One of the excellent knife that is available in the market.
  • Uses high carbon German steel which gives enough strength to the knife.
  • The handle is also quite ergonomically designed which makes it easy to use the knife.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Things We Did Not Like

  • Nothing at all.

10. Kiaitre Cleaver Knife

Kiaitre Cleaver Knife

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At number 10, we have a meat cleaver from Kiaitre and this is a 7 inch cleaver which has a full tang design. The advantage of this kind of full tang design is that it offers the right weight balance to the user. Apart from this, the knife is extremely sharp which is mainly because of the German stainless steel used during the manufacturing process. You can use this knife in your kitchen or in the commercial establishments and be assured that the knife will last really long. The edge is also wear resistant and the overall blade is resistant to the rust. You can use this knife without any doubts about the quality since the brand offers a lifetime warranty on the knife that you purchase. This is the leading choice of many chefs around the globe.

Things we liked

  • The blade of the cleaver is very sharp and it also comes with a slight curve
  • The handle is made of pakkawood which offers a good grip without any risk of slippage.
  • The knife is designed with German steel which has a hardness of 56 at Rockwell scale
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Things we did not like

  • Nothing at all.

11. Mueller 7-inch Meat Cleaver Knife

Mueller 7-inch Meat Cleaver Knife

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If you are after a reliable and multipurpose Cleaver knife that not only is sharp but also handles the stuff quite neatly, the Mueller Cleaver Knife is going to be a great buy. With the excellent build and balanced body, the Mueller Cleaver Knife offers users a great performance and unmatched value. Made up with high-quality stainless steel material, the Mueller Cleaver Knife is a perfect buy if you are after durability and performance. The knife is extremely easy to hold and manage which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking to get flawless performance every single time they use the knife.

The high-end stainless steel blade makes it resistant to rust and enhances the overall life of the product. In all, if you are after usability, better life, and perfect balance, Mueller Cleaver Knife is going to be a worthy deal for you.

Things we liked

  • Perfect grip
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Great brand value

Things we didn’t like

  • None so far

Meat Cleaver Knife Buying Guide – Things To Consider

If you think you are buying just a meat cleaver then you need to think again. It is not just a meat cleaver but it is one of the master tools in the kitchen. You need to understand that there is no other blade that can match the capabilities of the meat cleaver and hence it becomes important to consider what you are purchasing. For the people who are buying the meat cleaver for the first time, it can be slightly difficult to choose the right one because they do not know what they are actually looking for. To help everyone, we decided to pen down this buying guide where we have listed all the points that you need to consider while shortlisting the meat cleaver. Check out the details now.

Material Used for Blade

Your first consideration should be the material that is used for making the blade. This can be a Damascus steel, stainless steel or even high carbon steel. We would recommend you to opt for carbon steel because of its ability to take the stress. There are furthermore classifications in there where you need to choose between a German Steel or a Japanese Steel. The Japanese steel is harder than the German ones and this makes the Japanese steel a lot tougher. One thing that you need to understand is that Japanese steel is angled differently and they have a very fine angle.

Material Used for Handle

The handle is quite an important thing for consideration while you are choosing the blade. Check the material that is used for making the handle. Is it made of plastic or is it made of wood? You will also come across the meat cleavers whose handle is made of carbon fibre, rubber or epoxy resin. They are good options as they offer a good grip to you. They are also very easy to clean. Apart from this, you need to check that you are getting a good grip from your handle. Overall, you should be comfortable in using the knife.

Profile of Blade

You also need to check the profile of the blade as this will also define the cutting edge of the blade. You can check if the cutting edge is straight or if it is slightly curved. This is more about personal preference here. The profile will define your cuts as well. Check if the blade profile is thick, tapered or thin. Thicker design is a western design and the thinner it is, the eastern it becomes. This will also ensure that the blade doesn’t get damaged while chopping the bone. If you think that you are going to chop a lot of bones from the knife then we would recommend you to opt for a thicker blade profile however, if you need fine and clean cuts then you can opt for the thinner profile.

Spine Thickness

Another important aspect of the cleaver blade is the spine of the blade. Ensure that you are investing in something with a thick spine because this is the thing that gives weight, strength and durability to the blade. If you need to crack soup bones then check for the spin that measures at least ¼ to 3/16 inches. If you are going to smash the meat from your cleaver knife then you can also opt for something that has a thicker spine in the front.

Size of Blade

Next thing to check while purchasing the cleaver knife is the size of the blade. While considering the size, you need to check the length and height of the blade. They are quite important dimensions and they would determine the efficacy as well as dexterity. The length is an important consideration as this will define how well you cut the large items while the height is important so as to ensure that you cut straight through the plane. Apart from this, you need to ensure that you are comfortable with the dimensions. As per some of the experts, the ideal length of meat cleaver is 7 to 7.75 inches and the minimum height of the meat cleaver should be 3.25 inches.

Blade Weight and Balance

The weight of the cleaver blade is directly proportional to the length of the blade because of the amount of material used. You need to find the ideal balance for you and you need to ensure that the blade is not very heavy for you. This is because of the fact that the heavy blade will cause wrist fatigue and it will lead to a loss of accuracy. While you are checking the weight of the blade, ensure that you also check the accuracy of the blade as this will define your cuts. The centre of mass should not be too much in front and to ensure this, you can opt for the knife with a full tang. This will not only provide you with the correct balance and control but it will also provide you with enough strength and knife longevity.

Add-On Accessories

You need to check the kind of accessories that you are getting with the cleaver knife that you are choosing. You will come across the brands that offer a knife sharpener along with the meat cleaver and then you will also come across the manufacturer that provides you with a case for the knife. Both of them are quite an important add-on item. The sharpener will ensure that you do not have to invest in an after-market accessory. The fact is that the meat cleaver will lose the sharpness with time and the knife sharpener will prove to be a handy add-on. The case will ensure that your knife is not hanging around which can cause injury to someone. It will keep it safe from the moisture and it will also keep you safe in the kitchen.


You can also check the cost of the meat cleaver that you are investing it. This is yet another important factor that you need to consider. Set a budget before checking the meat cleavers because they can be really expensive as well. Your budget can drive your choice and you can make it a little flexible to ensure that you purchase what you like.


The last thing to check is for the warranty. You will come across all types of meat cleavers. Some that come with no warranty, some that come with a limited time warranty and the some that come with a lifetime warranty. You know what is going to be a good choice and this way, you can choose something that is going to last for many generations.

How To Clean and Care a Meat Cleaver

A meat cleaver is a must-have kitchen tool in every household. Proper cleaning and caring for meat cleaver is extremely essential. Let us look at a few ways to maintain your meat cleaver:

Cleaning a new meat cleaver:

Usually, the meat cleaver knives are made from stainless steel. If you do not pay proper attention, they become more prone to rust. You do not want your new meat cleaver to convert into the old rusted one. The two parts of the meat cleaver- blade and handle need to be cleaned properly. To increase the durability of the meat cleaver, here are some fabulous tips to follow:

  • First, rinse the knife with plain running water to get rid of leftover meat pieces and other crumbs. It helps in easy removal of stains in the next step.
  • Next, if you are a beginner, take the meat cleaver & lay it on a plain surface. Now, rinse the blade with warm soapy water. Scrub it with a soft cloth or sponge. Once you are done, switch the blade side and repeat it.
  • If you have enough experience, hold the knife firmly in hand. Make sure to keep the pointed end away from you. Now, you can repeat the same procedure.
  • Ensure the proper drying of the meat cleaver before you step ahead to store it. Thorough drying helps in the prevention of rust.
  • The handle of the cleaver is mostly made of wooden particles. Please do not put it in the dishwasher. Clean it with mild dishwashing soap and let it dry completely.

Cleaning an old meat cleaver:

  • For the cleavers that are way too much rusty, make a solution combining warm water and citric acid powder.
  • Dip the metallic portion of the cleaver in the solution for at least an hour. You can dip it for a period of 2-3 hours too.
  • If some stains or rust is still remaining, use a sponge to scrub it off. You can remove the wooden stains with standard procedures.
  • WD 40 is a potent rust remover. You can also try using the WD-40 powder and rubbing it on the cleaver blade. It helps in the efficient cleaning of the cleaver knives.
  • Once you are done cleaning, make sure to take proper care of your meat cleaver to preserve its functionality. Below are some easy tips for caring for a meat cleaver.

Here are some tips for caring for a meat cleaver:

  • Never allow the cleaver to come in contact with large volumes of water. Apart from some meat cleavers with exclusive dishwasher features, it is strictly recommended to avoid dishwasher when cleaning meat cleavers.
  • It is necessary to remove the remains of fats and other acidic ingredients before it sits on the blade. To make this possible, rinse it with a gush of plain water. After this, you are allowed to place it on the sink then dry it.
  • Also, keep in mind to cut inadequate surfaces to preserve the sharpness of your knife. A knife with a blunt end has minimal functionality and use in your kitchen.

Meat Cleaver Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is there a hole in meat cleaver?

A lot of people are curious about the hole in the meat cleaver. The answer is much more straightforward than you would expect. The hole in the meat cleaver is for hanging the meat cleaver. Most of the drawers or cabinets do not have enough space to store the meat cleaver, so it is best to hang it on the wall. There is no other reason for having a hole in the meat cleaver. We are sure that with this answer, you can put your curiosity at rest.

2. Can a bone damage the meat cleaver?

The meat cleaver can quickly chop through thin and medium sized bones, causing no damage to the knife. The trouble may come while you are trying to cut through thick bones. They may damage the blade, and the edge may roll-up. You can even use the meat cleaver to crush the garlic and other herbs. They will never cause any damage to the knife.

3. Should I sharpen my meat cleaver regularly?

No, avoid sharpening your meat cleaver regularly. The problem with frequently sharpening the meat cleaver is that the edge can become very thin. The thing edge will not be able to cut through the meat, and it may end up with a roll. The folded edge will ruin your meat cleaver, and you will have to trash it. Moreover, meat cleavers use brute force to chop the meat, and that is why it is not required to sharpen the knife regularly.

4. How is a butcher knife different from the meat cleaver?

The meat cleaver is similar to a butcher knife, but there are still some fundamental differences in the design. The butcher knife is a lot bulkier and hefty when compared with the meat cleaver. It is beneficial in splitting, cutting, and stripping the meat. On the other hand, the meat cleaver is a lighter version, and it offers a precise cut.

5. Can I use a meat cleaver to chop vegetables?

The answer to this question is Yes. You can use the meat cleaver to chop the vegetables. A lot of Chinese chef uses a meat cleaver to chop the vegetables. They can deal with cabbage, and they can also deal with hard greens like a carrot. The meat cleavers are of great help when you want finely chopped vegetables. So, even if you are a vegetarian, you can invest in an excellent knife.

6. Is there something that the meat cleaver can’t handle?

No, there is nothing that a meat cleaver can’t handle. The cleaver can handle large carcasses, and it can handle bones as well. You might want to avoid using the meat cleaver to chop through thick bones. Apart from that, there is nothing that your meat cleaver would not be able to handle. Also, ensure that you are using the meat cleaver at the right angle while cutting the meat. The meat cleaver’s spine is very sturdy, and it adds momentum to the knife when you are using it.


This was all for today and we are sure that by now, you would have found something that you would like to bring to your home. We also hope that the buying guide would have made the shortlisting easy for you. The good thing is that the meat cleavers are suitable for a lot many tasks. From chopping the bones to chopping the vegetables, it can take care of almost everything. This makes it worth the price and that is also the reason why a lot of people prefer having a meat cleaver at home. These knives can take care of light, medium and even heavy duty tasks. Ensure that you check some of the important criteria while making the purchase. This includes checking the size, handle and material.

With all this knowledge that we have shared in the buying guide, you are well equipped to choose your cleaver knife. Last thing before we conclude is that you need understand that these meat cleavers would not fit around in your knife block so you can either choose a solution to hang the cleaver knife with help of the hole in the knife or you can choose a magnetic knife strip that can help you in ensuring that you secure the knife. If in case you need any other detail about these bone-crushing knives, you can visit the Amazon page associated with the knives and you will find all the details that you would need. The page will also have the details of the price and the deal available on the knife which will make it easy for you to order the knife and get it delivered to your home.

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